A Wet State
A Wet State's Films:

A Wet State's Films:

By Daniel Brasuell

Video Denotes a Personal Favorite

Video One Hundred Sixty-Two
Stock Creek
Video One Hundred Sixty-One
Hiwassee (Upper)
Video One Hundred Sixty
Island Creek, Little Clear Creek, Clear Creek (Gorge),
Video One Hundred Fifty-Nine
Arkansas (Royal Gorge), Piedra (First Gorge), Animas (Upper), Animas (Rockwood), Arkansas (Pine Creek), Roaring Fork (Slaughterhouse), Crystal (Narrows), North Fork South Platte (Bailey Canyon), Clear Creek (Kermits), and Clear Creek (Black Rock)
Video One Hundred Fifty-Eight
Androscoggin (Rumsford Waterfalls), Green (Lower), Gihon, West Ausable, (Monument to High Falls), West Pleasant (Gulf Hagas), Chandler Mill Stream, The Branch (of the Schroon), Middlebury (Gorge), Otter Creek (Falls), and New Haven (Top).
Video One Hundred Fifty-Seven
Chattachoochee (Columbus Metro)
Video One Hundred Fifty-Six
Kanawha (Kanawha Falls) New (Lost) New (Thurmond to Cunard) New (Dries) New (Gorge) Gauley (Upper) Tygart (Valley Falls) Youghiogheny (Upper) Russell Fork (Gorge)
Video One Hundred Fifty-Five
      "I am Woman"
Green River Take-over 2020 - Special Invitation
Video One Hundred Fifty-Four
Hiwassee (Upper)
Video One Hundred Fifty-Three 2019 Wrap-up
Video One Hundred Fifty-Two
      Green River Take-over 2019
Green (Upper) Green (Narrows)
Video One Hundred Fifty-One
Little River (Sinks to Elbow)
Video One Hundred Fifty Lynn Camp Prong, Pigeon (Dries), Little Clear Creek, Piney Creek ("Tiny Piney"), Abrams Creek (Upper), Crooked Fork, Bald River, Island Creek, Chattooga River (Section 4), Big Lost Creek, Caney Fork (Below Clifty Bridge), Snowbird Creek (Upper), Tellico (2x Upper), Citico Creek (Upper), and Tellico (3x Upper),
Video One Hundred Forty-Nine A Decade of Travel
Video One Hundred Forty-Eight
Hurricane Creek
Video One Hundred Forty-Seven
Pocket Creek, South Sauty Creek, and Short Creek
Video One Hundred Forty-Six 2018 Wrap-up
Video One Hundred Forty-Five
Conasauga (Upper Upper), Roaring Creek, Brush Creek, and Big Laurel Creek
Video One Hundred Forty-Four
Linville (Gorge), Gragg Prong, Wilson Creek (Gorge), Meadow (Lower), and Gauley (Upper)
Video One Hundred Forty-Three
      Green River Take-over 2018
Green (Upper) Green (Narrows)
Video One Hundred Forty-Two
      Jobless Summer 2018 - Part 3
Kicking Horse (Middle), Horsethief (Classic), Pipestone, Fraser (Pipeline), Maligne (Canyon), Astoria (Lower), Bow (Upper), Mistaya (Canyon), Elk (Middle), and Big Sioux (Sioux Falls)
Video One Hundred Forty-One
      Jobless Summer 2018 - Part 2
St. Leon Creek, Pingston (Middle), Wilson Creek (11 km), Perry (Upper), and Jordan River
Video One Hundred Forty
      Jobless Summer 2018 - Part 1
Cache la Poudre (Narrows), Arkansas (Pine Creek), Snake (Murtaugh Canyon), White Salmon (Middle), White Salmon (Lower Lower), Ohanapecosh, Wenatchee (Tumewater), Cooper Creek, Skykomish (Classic), Cascade River (Marble Creek), and North Fork of the Nooksack (Horseshoe Bend)
Video One Hundred Thirty-Nine
      Pyrenees 2018 - Part 3
Rio Barrosa, Rio Cinca (From Bielsa), Gave du Brousset (Classic), Gave de Gavarnie (Gorges de Luz), Gave de Gavarnie (Classic Section), and Cauterets (Classic Section)
Video One Hundred Thirty-Eight
      Pyrenees 2018 - Part 2
Noguera Pallaresa (Llavorsi to Sort), Noguera Pallaresa (Sort to Gerri de la Sal), Noguera Pallaresa (Congost de Collegats), Riu de Lladore (Boavi), and Riu Noguera Ribagorcana (Waterfall)
Video One Hundred Thirty-Seven
      Pyrenees 2018 - Part 1
Dourbie (Valgarnide Gorge), Tarn (Haut), and Noguera Pallaresa (Upper)
Video One Hundred Thirty-Six
Cane Creek (Fall Creek Falls), Island Creek, Crooked Fork,
Video One Hundred Thirty-Five
Chattooga (Section 0), Cooper Creek, Cain / North Chick, Johnnies Creek, Bear Creek (Lower Teddy Bear), and Suck Creek
Video One Hundred Thirty-Four 2017 Wrap-up
Video One Hundred Thirty-Three
Green (Dries), Rocky Broad (Lower), Rock Creek (Walden's Ridge)
Video One Hundred Thirty-Two
      Green River Take-over 2017
Green (Upper) Green (Narrows)
Video One Hundred Thirty-One
      Republic of Georgia - Part 2
Bzhuzha (Extreme Race Section), Bzhuzha (Middle), Chvanistskali, Tekhuri (Middle), Khobis-tskali (Lower), Mulkhura (First Gorge), Mulkhura (Third Gorge), Enguri (Below Nenskra), and Tekhuri(Lower)
Video One Hundred Thirty
      Republic of Georgia - Part 1
Chirukhistskali, Adjaristskali (Below Chao), Chakvistskali (Mitrala National Park), Machakhela (Upper), and Machakhela (Middle)
Video One Hundred Twenty-Nine Henderson Creek and Richland Creek
Video One Hundred Twenty-Eight Canyon Creek (South Yuba Tributary), Arctic Mine San Joaquin (Patterson Bend) San Joaquin (Squaw Leap) Middle Yuba (Our House) North Yuba (Wild Plum)
Video One Hundred Twenty-Seven Cain Creek / North Chick (Tennessee) Cooper Creek, Jones Creek, Little River Canyon (Suicide), Little River Canyon (Upper Two), and Little River Canyon (Chairlift)
Video One Hundred Twenty-Six Crooked Fork
Video One Hundred Twenty-Five
      New Zealand 2016 & 2017 Part 4: Southland, Otago, and Canterbury
Shotover (Gorge), Hollyford (Marian Creek), Hollyford (Falls Creek), Kawarau (Citreon), and Rangitata (Gorge)
Video One Hundred Twenty-Four
      New Zealand 2016 & 2017 Part 3: Helis on the South Island
Arahura, Perth (Scone Hut), and Perth (Five Fingers)
Video One Hundred Twenty-Three
      New Zealand 2016 & 2017 Part 2: Waiting in the South Island
Toaroha (Lower), Styx (Lower), Totara, Maruia River (Maruia Falls), and Fox River
Video One Hundred Twenty-Two
      New Zealand 2016/2017 Part 1: North Island
Kaituna (Okere Falls), Kaituna (Lower), Waikato (Huka Falls), Rangitaiki (Jeff's Joy), Waiari Stream, and Whakapapanui Stream (Tawhai Falls)
Video One Hundred Twenty-One 2016 Wrap-up
Video One Hundred Twenty Gunnison (Black Canyon) and Colorado (Gore Canyon)
Video One Hundred Nineteen
      NY and Quebec 2016 - 2: Quebec
Ottawa (Main Channel), Rouge (Seven Sisters), Valin (Canyon), Mistassibi (Dolbeau), and Jacques-Cartier (Tewkesbury)
Video One Hundred Eighteen
      NY and Quebec 2016 - 1: New York
Moose (Bottom), Beaver (Taylorsville), Beaver (Moshier), Beaver (Eagle), and Raquette (Stone Valley)
Video One Hundred Seventeen
      Green River Take-over 2016
Green (Upper) Green (Narrows)
Video One Hundred Sixteen
      Austria & More 2016 - 4: South Tirol & Tirol
Reinbach (Falls), Boite, Aurino (Schloss), Gader, Ötz (Middle), Venter Ache, and Loisach (Greisen Gorge)
Video One Hundred Fifteen
      Austria & More 2016 - 3: More East Tirol
Isel (Gorge), Defereggenbach (Waterfalls), and Taurenbach (Prosegg)
Video One Hundred Fourteen
      Austria & More 2016 - 2: Soca & East Tirol
Koritnica (Lower) Soca (Bunker), Soca (Cataracts), Defereggenbach (Tunnel Run), and Isel (Cataracts)
Video One Hundred Thirteen
      Austria & More 2016 - 1: Salzkammergut
Gimbach, Rettenbach (Upper), Koppentraun, Untertalbach, Lammer (LammerÖfen) and Saalach (Lofer Gorge)
Video One Hundred Twelve Mill Creek, WV
Video One Hundred Eleven Dedicated to my Special Friend
Video One Hundred Ten North Fork of the French Broad (Lower) and Thompson River
Video One Hundred Nine Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon (Hike-up Ramsey's) Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon (Ramsey's) and Overflow Creek
Video One Hundred Eight 2015 Wrap-up
Video One Hundred Seven Horsepasture
Video One Hundred Six West Prong Little Pigeon (Upper) Big Creek (Upper) Pigeon (Dries)
Fly360 - Gauley (Upper) Gauley (Upper)
Video One Hundred Five
      Green River Take-over 2015
Green (Upper) Green (Narrows)
Video One Hundred Four Potomac (Great Falls - Maryland Lines) Potomac (Great Falls - Virginia Lines)
Video One Hundred Three
      Norway 2015 - Sjoa
Ula (Lower), Store Ula, Jori (Lower), Lågen (Hunderfoss), Frya (Gorge), Sjoa (Åsengjuvet), Sjoa (Play Run), Island Creek, Little Clear Creek, and Crooked Fork
Video One Hundred Two
      Norway 2015 - Voss
Teigdalselvi, Tysselva, Strondelvi (Money Drop), Raundalselvi (Play Run), Brandsetlevi (Upper), Brandsetlevi (Lower / Race Course), and Jordalselvi
Video One Hundred One
      Norway 2015 - Telemark and Buskerud
Mår (Home Run), Austbygdåi (California Section), Austbygdåi (Upper), Mår (Lower), and Numedalslågen (Zambezi Section)
Video One Hundred Dr. Diane Gaydos - The Med School Years!
Video Ninety-Nine
      North East Roadtrip 2015
Youghiogheny (Top), Big Sandy (Lower), West Branch Deerfield, Big Branch Brook, Mill Brook, North Boquet, New Haven (Ledges), Pond Brook, South Baker, Swift River(Lower), North Winooski, Joe's Brook, Housatonic (Bull's Bridge), and Meadow (Lower)
Video Ninety-Eight Raven Fork
Video Ninety-Seven Obed (Canyon), Caney Fork (Rock Island), Chattooga River (Section 4), Little River (Sinks to Elbows), Bear Creek (Stairway to Heaven), Bee Creek, Watauga (Gorge), Tellico (Upper), Middle Prong of the Little (Tremont), Thunderhead Prong of the Little, and Tallulah (Gorge)
Video Ninety-Six 2011 Wrap-up... Yea, very late.
Video Ninety-Five 2014 Wrap-up
Video Ninety-Four West Tuckasegee (Thorpe Dam to Thorpe Powerhouse), Green (Narrows), West Prong, Gauley (Upper) and Nantahala (Cascades)
Video Ninety-Three South Kings (Horseshoe Bend) and Kings (Garlic Falls)
Video Ninety-Two
      Piemonte and Ticino 2014 (Part 4)
Verzasca (Lower) Verzasca (Middle) with quick appearances by the Dora Baltea and Moesa
Video Ninety-One
      Piemonte and Ticino 2014 (Part 3)
Rovana, Ribo, Loana, Cannobino, and Melezza
Video Ninety
      Piemonte and Ticino 2014 (Part 2)
Chiusella (Middle) and Egua
Video Eighty-Nine
      Piemonte and Ticino 2014 (Part 1)
Sermenza (Middle), Sermenza (Lower), and Soana
Video Eighty-Eight East Fork Kaweah (Classic), East Fork Kaweah (Bear Ranch), and Clover Creek
Video Eighty-Seven Jones Fork of Silver Creek
Video Eighty-Six Middle Kaweah (Hospital Rock)
Video Eighty-Five South Yuba (Purdon's) South Yuba (49 to Bridgeport)
Video Eighty-Four South Silver
Video Eighty-Three
      Ecuador 2013 (Part 2)
Piatua, Quijos (Chaco Canyon), and Jondachi (Upper)
Video Eighty-Two
      Ecuador 2013 (Part 1)
Cosanga (Lower), Oyacachi (Lower), Quijos (Bridge to Bridge) and Quijos (Cheese House)
Video Eight-One 2013 Wrap-up
Video Eighty
      WA and BC 2013 (Part 3)
Rogers Creek and Ashlu Creek (Mine Run)
Video Seventy-Nine
      WA and BC 2013 (Part 2)
Soo (Bottom), Cheakamus (Upper), Callaghan (Classic)
Video Seventy-Eight
      WA and BC 2013 (Part 1)
White Salmon (Green Truss) and Cispus (Upper Upper)
Video Seventy-Seven Fordyce Creek
Video Seventy-Six South Silver
Video Seventy-Five
      Corsica 2013: Prijon Kayaks
Compilation of our trip in Corsica with the Prijon boats that were generously loaned to us.
Video Seventy-Four
      Corsica 2013: Part 3
Vecchio (Middle) and Codi (Lower)
Video Seventy-Three
      Corsica 2013: Part 2
Upper Vecchio, Fium Orbo (Upper), Fium Orbo (Middle) Golo (Upper) and Liamone (Upper)
Video Seventy-Two
      Corsica 2013: Part 1
Golo (Santa Regina AKA Middle) Travo, Calasima, and Tavignano (Gorge)
Video Seventy-One North Fork Yuba (Love's Falls) South Fork Yuba (Summit)
Video Seventy Middle Fork Feather (Bald Rock)
Video Sixty-Nine 2012 Summary and OPP Party Submittal
Video Sixty-Eight
      Japan 2012: Part 5
Shimagawa Kamagawa and Fuefukigawa
Video Sixty-Seven
      Japan 2012: Part 4
Kiyotsugawa (Canyon)
Video Sixty-Six
      Japan 2012: Part 3
Zakogawa (Lower) Zakogawa (Upper)
Video Sixty-Five
      Japan 2012: Part 2
Nakatsugawa (Lower) Nakatsugawa (Below the Red Bridge) Nakatsugawa (Above the Red Bridge)
Video Sixty-Four
      Japan 2012: Part 1
Agatsumagawa Tonegawa Yunokoyagawa (Terihakyo Canyon)
Video Sixty-Three
      Japan 2012: Teaser
Japan 2012 Teaser
Video Sixty-Two Check back in June 2012 for updates from our Japan Trip!
Video Sixty-One Dinkey Creek (Superdink! Below Infinislide) Dinkey Creek (Cherry Bomb)
Video Sixty North Fork Trinity Kidder Creek (Lower)
Video Fifty-Nine Butte Creek (Upper)
Video Fifty-Eight North Fork American (Giant Gap)
Video Fifty-Seven
      East Coast 2012: Part Three
Cain Creek / North Chick (Tennessee) Rock Creek (Georgia) Little River Canyon (Alabama) Tallulah Gorge (Georgia)
Video Fifty-Six Diamond Creek, Goose Creek (Lower), South Smith (Kelsey Trail), and Smith River (Oregon Hole Gorge)
Video Fifty-Five San Joaquin River (Tied for First)
Video Fifty-Four Are You Going to Eat that?
Video Fifty-Three
      East Coast 2011: Part Two
Russell Fork (Gorge - Virginia) Green River (Narrows - North Carolina)
Video Fifty-Two
      East Coast 2011: Part One
Gauley River (Upper - West Virginia) New River (Gorge - West Virginia)
Video Fifty-One Pit River (Pit Falls)
Video Fifty North Fork of the Stanislaus (Hell's Kitchen) North Fork of the Stanislaus (Ramsey's)
Video Forty-Nine How to pack for an overnight kayak trip with Darin McQuoid
Video Forty-Eight Dinkey Creek (The Waterfalls) (~450 cfs)
Jonas Grunwald #1 Dinkey Creek (The Waterfalls) (~600 cfs)
Video Forty-Seven Rubicon (Lower)
Video Forty-Six South Branch, Middle Fork of the Feather (Upper)
Video Forty-Five North Fork of the Middle Fork American
Video Forty-Four Brush Creek (Lower) Brush Creek (Upper)
Video Forty-Three Silver Creek
Video Forty-Two Slate Creek East Trinity East Fork, North Fork Trinity
Time Lapses Shot in California, Chile, and Uganda
Video Forty-One Weber Creek (South American Tributary)
Video Forty Bear River (Highway 174)
Video Thirty-Nine New (Gorge)
Video Thirty-Eight Trinity (Burnt Ranch)
Video Thirty-Seven
Middle Cosumnes (Upper)
Video Thirty-Six
      Pucón, Chile: Installment Four
Rio Puesco (Upper) Rio Liucura (Lower) Rio Maichin (Lower) Rio Llancahue (Upper)
Video Thirty-Five
      Pucón, Chile: Episode Three
Rio Nevado (Upper) Rio Coilaco (Coilaco Falls) Rio Tinquilco (Tres Saltos)
Video Thirty-Four
      Pucón, Chile: Volume Two
Rio Palguin (Upper) Rio Palguin (Lower)
Video Thirty-Three
      Pucón, Chile: Part One
Rio Nevado (Lower) Rio Liucura (Lefincul Canyon) Rio Trancura (Upper)
Cali-Burn Fest '10 Trinity (Burnt Ranch)
Video Thirty-Two South Feather (Little Grass Valley)
Jefferson State Creeking #2 Stikine Homathko
Video Thirty-One Upper Cherry Creek
Video Thirty Fordyce Creek
Video Twenty-Nine East Trinity Hayfork Creek (Lower) South American (Slab Creek) Middle Yuba (Plumbago) Pauley Creek (Lower)
Video Twenty-Eight North Kaweah (Lower) North Stanislaus (Boards Crossing) North Tuolumne (Lower) Middle Tule Middle Cosumnes (Upper)
Video Twenty-Seven South Yuba (Spaulding) South Yuba (Summit) North Yuba (Rossascos) Trinity (Burnt Ranch) North Feather (Poe Canyon)
Cali-Burn Fest '09 Trinity (Burnt Ranch)
Video Twenty-Six
Canyon Creek (South Yuba Tributary), Arctic Mine
Video Twenty-Five
North Fork of the American, Generation Gap and Giant Gap
Video Twenty-Four
      Mexico Part Deux
Rio Santa Maria, 3rd and 4th Canyons Rio Ojo Frio
Video Twenty-Three
      Mexico Part One
Rio Valles, El Salto Rio Valles, Micos
Cali-Burn Fest '08 Trinity (Burnt Ranch)
Video Twenty-Two Canyon Creek (South Yuba Tributary), Upper
Video Twenty-One South Silver
Nordheimer Race, 2008 Salmon (Nordheimer)
Video Twenty Middle Feather (Devil's Canyon)
NFA Race '08 North Fork of the American (Chamberlain Falls)
Video Nineteen Car Extraction from the North Fork of the American River
Video Eighteen Middle Smith (Siskiyou Gorge) Middle Smith (Oregon Hole Gorge) South Smith (South Fork Gorge)
Video Seventeen North Feather (Big Bend Dam) North Cottonwood (Upper)
Nordheimer Race, 2007 Salmon (Nordheimer)
Video Sixteen [No Transcript]
Trinity (Burnt Ranch) Salmon (Nordheimer) Tuolumne (Cherry Creek)
Video Fifteen [Transcript]
South Feather (Little Grass Valley) North Feather (Tobin) South Trinity (Three Bears) Canyon Creek (Trinity Tributary) and South Yuba (E to P)
Video Fourteen [Transcript]
Pit River (Pit Falls)
Video Thirteen [Transcript]
South Silver
Video Twelve [Transcript]
South Fork American (First Threat), North Fork American (Giant Gap), South Yuba (E to P), and Middle Fork of the Salmon
Video Eleven [Transcript]
Lower Deer Creek and North Fork of the Yuba (Wild Plum)
Video Ten [Transcript]
Bear Creek (Tributary to Cache Creek) and Middle Fork of the Yuba (Below Ourhouse Dam)
Video Nine [Transcript]
Merced (El Portal),
Video Eight [Transcript]
Cache Creek, Smith (Oregon Hole Gorge), Middle Fork of the Smith (Patrick's Creek), and North Fork of the Smith
Video Seven [Transcript]
North Fork of the American (Chamberlain Falls) and South Yuba (W to E),
Video Six [Transcript]
Middle Fork of the Consumnes
Video Five [Transcript]
Weaverville Roadtrip
Video Four [Transcript]
South Yuba (E to P), North Fork of the American (Chamberlain Falls) and Upper Cosumnes
Video Three [Transcript]
Carnage on Pauley Creek,
Video Two [Transcript]
North Fork of the American (Chamberlain Falls)
Video One [Transcript]
Lavezolla Creek, Pauley Creek, Clear Creek, South Yuba (E to P), and North Yuba (Goodyear Bar)
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