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Printer Friendly North Fork of the Boquet River

North Fork of the Boquet River

Stretch: NY-73 to Split Rock Falls
Difficulty: Class IV+
Distance: 3.5 miles
Flows: 3.25' to 7.0' on the E. Br. Ausable (5.4' felt medium). Visit the American Whitewater flow page
Gradient: 137 fpm average
Put-in: Just below the NY-73 bridge
Take-out: Turn-out at Split Rock Falls / NY-9 bridge
Shuttle: 3.5 miles (5 one way)
Season: Spring from rain and snow melt. Occasionally off of thunderstorms.
Written: © 2015
Featured in A Wet State #99

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For more details on the run, see the AW write-up...

Take-out: From Elizabethtown, NY, head south on NY-9 for 8.2 miles to the turnout at Split Rock Falls, just before the road crosses the river. Exit the river immediately below the bridge. You DO NOT want to bumble off of Split Rock Falls.

Put-in: Continue south on NY-9 for 2.1 miles to the junction with NY-73, go right. Follow this for 1.3 miles (crossing the South Fork of the Boquet) to a turn-out on the left just before the bridge over the North Fork of the Boquet. We put-in at the lip of the 90 Degree Falls just downstream of the bridge.

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