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Printer Friendly Little River (Aloca to Rockford)

Little River (Aloca to Rockford)

Stretch: Alcoa to Rockford
Difficulty: Class 0-1 (Potentially 1 portage)
Distance: 4.0 miles
Flows: 200 cfs+ on the USGS Little in Maryvillegauge. Lake level max is 813 ft elevation, you can get current level here. At 812.84' elevation the low head dam is 1" tall and you can just run it. Take care as that drop gets taller and a dangerous hydraulic appears.
Gradient: ~1 fpm average
Put-in: Aloca Water Plan Boat Ramp
Take-out: Boat Ramp at Co Op Rd in Rockford
Shuttle: 3.3 miles, (5 minutes one-way)
Season: Year Round
Written: © 2023

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