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Google Earth

So I decided to use Google Earth to map out all the locations of the Put-ins and Take-outs of the runs on A Wet State. There is a chance that I may have accidently marked the wrong location, but I am 95% sure that it is right 100% of the time (make sense of that one). If anyone finds an error, let me know and I will update the file accordingly. I tried to take care in marking the locations down to what eddy you slide into the water in and pull out of as to make it as helpfull as possible. However, as my Google Earth goes into 3D mode, I notice that the river isnt always at the trough of the value, so I am afraid that the icons may be off my 10-20 feet if other people's Google Earth does not move the river like this.

Ok, so why might you want this? Cause you can see what rivers are in the location of your next trip, cause you can get an idea of how secluded (ie. screwed) you are while on a river in case of emergency, you can get personalized directions from any location in the world to any put-in or take-out, and also to have the write-ups from A Wet State at your finger tips while using these other features.

What to Do:

First off, if anyone doesn't have Google Earth, it is free to download at: http://earth.google.com . Just press the download button and it is yours.

Second, download the "WhitewwaterDatabase.kmz" file I made: click here (500kb) save and then unzip file. The file will be updated everytime I have a new run to add to it, so please check back from time to time. Also, this file cannot be distrubuted or duplicated without permission from Daniel Brasuell, © 2010. Last Update (2-4-10)

Third, open the "Rivers.kmz" file in Google Earth.

Updated: Material: Contributer:
5-7-10 Many, some 16 new runs A Wet State
2-4-10 Many, all of my new runs in 2009 (~25) A Wet State
1-26-09 Many, including Mexico Trip A Wet State
5-27-08 Many, North Salmon, Middle Feather, South Merced Etc A Wet State
2-19-08 North Cottonwood Rapid-by-Rapid and Smith River Drainage A Wet State
1-26-08 Big Bend Dam and other small corrections A Wet State
9-13-07 Colorado and Idaho rivers Paul Gamache/Caliproduct
6-26-07 Klamath Ikes Falls A Wet State
6-10-07 Lower Trinity, Lower Stanislaus, Upper Tuolumne A Wet State
5-21-07 North Fork of the Mokelumne, Below Tiger Creek and SFA Riverton to Peavine A Wet State
5-10-07 Several Southern Ca rivers, Arizona Rivers Cody Howard
4-21-07 Several Northern Ca rivers, Playspots, and Rapid-by-Rapid of Bald Rock Canyon Darin McQuoid
4-21-07 Canyon Creek Rapid by Rapid A Wet State
4-16-07 Several Northern Ca rivers Paul Gamache/Caliproduct
4-16-07 Clear Creek, SFA Chili Bar, MFA Tunnel Chute, Rapid by Rapids A Wet State
4-16-07 Upper and Lower Kern, Rapid by Rapids Brett Duxbury
4-14-07 Alphabatized put-ins and take-outs, Rapid-by-Rapid Chamberain and Burnt Ranch A Wet State
4-11-07 Rapid by Rapid: Trinity, Pigeon Point and Salmon, Nordheimer. Plus several runs Putlocations Paul Gamache/Caliproduct
4-11-07 River Overlay for Google Earth Claude Frank and GIS
4-4-07 Rapid by Rapid: Animated Grand Canyon Trip Len Gaydos
4-4-07 Runs: Several Northern California Paul Gamache/Caliproduct
4-3-07 Runs: Several Northern California A Wet State


  • Turn different markers on or off, for example turn all Take-outs off so just Put-ins are displaying, hit the check mark next to "Take-outs." Same can be done for specific runs. In order to view all runs in the Put-in or Take-out list, hit the plus sign next to "Put-ins" and "Take-outs."

  • Click on a Thumb-Tac icon to have the runs info appear. In the box is the rating which is posted on the A Wet State write-ups, and the link to the A Wet State write-up itself. Click on the link and a new internet window will open at the desired write-up.
        Also, get personalized directions to or from the icon's location by clicking "To here" or "From here." See below.

  • Get directions from anywhere in the world to a river. As stated above, click on an icon, and hit "To here." Now in the side bar, at the top left type in the starting location, ie. "Weaverville, CA." The written directions appear below in the side bar, and the way points for each turn appear on the map.

  • Look at your favorite gorges from home in 3D. For example, Paul Gamache spent the night on the New River, over looking Burnt Ranch Gorge, in the snow/rain, with no fire, and no sleeping bag (puts a smile on my face just thinking about it) right about here:

  • Prove to your friends that the South Fork of the American is way to traveled:

    Enjoy, and send any improvement ideas to me. Thanks.